Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


Here at Just-Brill.com we know you demand top quality from us & rightly so, we would expect this for ourselves too! Which is why we have brought you “The DigiPulse”.

Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Can Keep You From Becoming a Victim of the “Silent Killer”!

Did you know that one in three adults in America suffers from high blood pressure?

Which can increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and eye damage?

Our digital wrist blood pressure machine helps you identify and keep track of high blood pressure.

– Allows you to track and record 60 readings & compare results, with time & date
– Has a large LCD display so results are easy to read
– Has a super-low noise pump
– Has an automatic shutdown feature to preserve battery life
– Includes a protective case to keep it safe from damage, and allows for easy portability

Batteries included

6141eHtQT7L._SL1125_There isn’t a digital blood pressure machine that is easier to read!

In fact, to help you even better understand your results, this digital blood pressure machine labels each number with a tab on the side and the easy to read screen displays results in a large font

You’ll be able to quickly identify Systolic Pressure, which is the top number on the display and refers to the pressure made as the heart contracts to pump blood and Diastolic Pressure, which is the bottom number on display and refers to the pressure between beats as the heart is relaxed.

Now at home or away, with the portable DigiPulse you’ll be able to recognize changes to blood pressure at any time!