Digital Baby Ear Thermometer


Here at we know you demand top quality from us & rightly so, we would expect this for ourselves too! Which is why we have brought you “The DigiThermo” Baby Thermometer.

The DigiThermo from is a digital baby ear thermometer, not able to be used just for babies of course, it will take the temperature of any person who uses it.

We found the best quality materials we could find, believe us we researched many others on the market which were “not up to scratch”. Although these others looked the same, upon closer inspection they were not! The material used were of poorer quality, thinner & many proclaimed functions that simply were not there. For example, many say that you can change the temperature scale from °C to °F, all samples we found failed to do so. This is not good enough in our opinion.

Our DigiThermo does and can do this function, so you won’t have to find a conversion scale and work out what the temperature is in a scale you are familiar with each time you use it. It is also made from top quality materials and you can just feel the quality from when you first touch it.

The DigiThermo comes well protected and packaged and is safe from any “football” playing warehouse or postal staff, it is in an easily recyclable cardboard box. Inside this is a handy zip up case containing the DigiThermo itself.

Upon removing the DigiThermo the first thing you need to do is remove the battery isolation tab, this is found by sliding open the battery cover and just pulling it out. Replace the cover and your DigiThermo is now ready for use.

To see this done please watch the video below, the video also shows you how to change the battery when the time comes, which won’t be very often as you should get around 4000 readings per battery.

Turn on the DigiThermo by pressing the on/recall button located on the underside above the battery compartment. Place the nozzle end into the ear canal, press & release the “Scan” button once. The DigiThermo will beep, once it has taken an average temperature which it will then display on the digital screen.

The DigiThermo will shut itself down automatically after one minute of inactivity, and will save the last 9 temperatures taken which can be seen by pressing the on/recall button

As mentioned previously the temperature scales of either °C or °F can be selected and changed, should you need to do this simply press and hold the the on/recall button for 3 seconds and the digital display will change to the opposing scale to which it is currently set.

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