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Q: My DigiThermo doesn`t turn on at all.

A: Make sure to remove the battery isolation tab. Simply remove the battery cover and pull the tab, this will connect the battery to your device.

This video will show you how to remove the tab & change the battery

Note: The tab is required for shipping safety regulations and helps keep the battery from discharging while in storage.

Q: I removed the tab but the DigiThermo didn`t turn on?

A: Check that the battery is in the correct way round, there should be a “+” plus sign showing when it is inserted the right way up. If it still doesn`t turn on, try a fresh battery (CR2032)

Watching this video will show you how to remove the tab & change the battery

Q: How do I change the battery?

A: Slide open the battery cover, press the battery release clip, (it is best to use a tool to release the clip). The battery will be released, change the battery making sure the “+” plus sign shows upwards then press down so the clip holds it in place again.

Watch this video to see how

Q: How do I change the temperature scale?

A: Turn on the unit, press and hold the “on/recall” button for 3 seconds, this will change the display to the opposite scale, which can be seen by looking at the display.

Note: The DigiThermo will always revert to it`s default setting of °F each time the unit is turned on.

Q: My DigiThermo display shows the letter “L”

A: This “L” stands for low. This means the infrared beam has not contacted a hot enough surface to take a reading off of. Take a look at the image graphic at the top of this FAQ to see how to aim for the ear drum surface.

Note: There can be several reasons for this; an obstruction in the ear canal, ear wax, profuse hair or & in one case a baked bean – kids! Also if having just received your DigiThermo it is recommended to allow 30 mins for the unit to acclimatize to it`s new environment – It has probably been in several cold warehouses and/or delivery trucks.

Q: I get inaccurate & differing temperature readings?

A: Everyones anatomy can be slightly different, the ear canal isn`t always in a straight line to the ear drum surface, which can cause the side wall of the ear canal to be read instead, this can be several degrees out than the surface of the ear drum. Also there could be an obstruction. Make sure the ear canal is clean & clear from obstructions and if kinked, a gentle pull will allow you to take aim for the surface of the ear drum.

Take a look at the image graphic at the top of this FAQ to see how to aim for the ear drum surface.

Q: What size is the probe end of the thermometer?

A: The tip/probe end has a starting diameter of 8mm at the tip which tapers, slowly getting bigger as it nears the display end, this can be seen in the photo`s on the listing and on the website.

Note: It would need to go in as far as it is comfortable for the patient and not forced in. The reading is taken by an infrared laser that takes several readings a second and then shows the average on the display, it`s readings are taken from the surface of the ear drum when aimed correctly.

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