DigiPulse FAQs

Blood Pressure Checker


Q: How do I open the cover & insert the batteries?

A: To open the cover;

On the left side rear of the device as you look at the front of the unit, you will see the cover for the battery compartment, which has a semi-circle cut out for  ease of opening. With the unit standing on it`s right hand side, so the left side of the unit is facing upwards, place your thumb or finger into the semi-circle so that your nail is against the flat edge of the semi-circle, push down slightly, to help release the clip and pull to the left (towards the wrist strap). This will open the battery compartment.

A: To place the batteries inside;

Be sure the flat end of each battery (The negative end) is placed in the end where the small spring is and the end with the bump (positive end) is at the other end. Then place the cover back on, this will click shut.

Note: The cover may be a little stiff to open the first few times of use as it is new but this will become easier to do after a few uses.

Q: How do I set the time & date on the DigiPulse?

A: Turn on your DigiPulse by pressing the power button, which is the middle button out of the three buttons, the display will show as being “on” with some numbers displayed. Then press the “clock” button, the button to the bottom left of the power button.

This will start the “month” digits to begin flashing, to change the number press the “M” button until the display shows the number for the current month. Then press the “clock” button again, which will show the “day” digits flashing, use the “M” button to change it to the correct day.

Now press the “Clock” button again this will start the “hour” digits to begin flashing, again use the “M” button to change it to the correct hour. Then press the “clock” button again to show the “minute” digits, alter again using the “M” button.

Once this is completed, simply press the power button to keep the settings you have selected.

You can now either, turn the unit off by pressing & holding the power button down or take a blood pressure reading, the DigiPulse will automatically turn off after 60 seconds when left alone, if you forget to turn the DigiPulse off.

Q: My display doesn`t seem to be working properly?

A: With digital displays, the temperature of the environment can affect them in peculiar ways and it is usually best to acclimatise any electronics for around 30-45 minutes before use, they have most likely been sitting in cold damp warehouses in storage for untold days and then in the back of cold delivery vans for many hours before being delivered. Also, perhaps the batteries are not as charged as they should be, as with many batteries that are included in products, no-one could say how long they have been stored before being added to the products, so they could have lost their charge.

Q: How do I reset the memory?

A: Resetting the memory is not possible.

Note: The memory used in the DigiPulse is “solid state” memory, so even without power it will retain any information gathered indefinitely. It will keep a record of the last 60 measurements and overwrite the older records in order of each new record that is added, including the time and date. So making a note of when you want new records to start, using the time & date as a marker is recommended.

Q: How is it best to get a good accurate reading?

A: To achieve an accurate reading it would be ideal to take your reading under the same environmental conditions each time and in a relaxed state having not drank, eaten or smoked anything that would alter your body chemistry for at least 30-45 minutes, having your arm at the same level as your heart and feet flat on the ground is very important.

Note: Blood pressure can be affected by; environmental temperature, movement, state of mind and ingredients inside food & drink.

Q: I get wildly inaccurate readings?

A: There are several factors involved when taking your blood pressure:

Placing of the monitor correctly on the wrist; The display should be on the same side as the palm of the hand, where the pulse is normally taken from. If positioned incorrectly, an Error symbol (Er1) will show in the display, simply move the cuff to a different position until the sensors, which are on the opposite side from the display (on the back), are above the pulse area so they are able to take a reading.

Note: It is best to place the monitor closest to the wrist joint as possible.

There are also other factors that can affect a correct reading from taking place, most commonly is not having rested for 10 minutes prior to taking your reading, this allows your body to return to a normal resting state for a proper reading to be able to be taken.

Other factors which can effect a reading can be: If having recently drunk alcohol, caffeine, such as tea or coffee & even soft drinks such as cola, to remedy this it`s best to wait 30-45 minutes before taking a reading after having consumed one of them. It`s best of course not to have any of these in your system

Another factor can be if you smoke before a reading, the nicotine and other nasties that are put inside cigarettes, cigars etc, will raise your blood pressure & heart rate.

If taking multiple readings in a row, it is advised to wait at least 10 minutes between each reading. Human blood pressure, changes constantly from minute to minute, depending on what you are doing and even the temperature of where you are can change the reading to look different each time.

Q: My readings are different when I take them and compare them at the doctors office.

A: When comparing readings at the doctors please bear in mind there is a condition known as “The White Coat Effect”, “ White Coat Syndrome” or “ White Coat Hypertension” where even unknowingly, people going to the doctors or dentists have elevated blood pressure, just caused by the anticipation & anxiety of being at the doctors.



To help you determine your blood pressure level, you may also download the Blood pressure chart for adults